Coming Soon: Data-Driven Services

There is a treasure in your inventory - not only in parts, but also in data. We help you to unearth this treasure. We not only rely on your current and historical data, but also bring in our own data sets.
This allows you to leverage remarkable efficiencies that would have been unthinkable in a traditional warehouse setup.

Supply Chain Software für die Ersatzteillogistik

Service Modules

Bestandsoptimierung mit Machine Learning für die optimierte Ersatzteillogistik

Inventory Optimization with Machine Learning

We use historical data and generate a prediction for the inventory of each part. This prevents overstocking and unnecessary costs in warehousing in the long term.

Prozess-Digitalisierung für die Beschaffung von Ersatzteilen

Faster Purchasing Processes with Process Digitalization

We digitize purchasing and procurement processes, which reduces reordering times. This simplifies your work in materials planning and prevents delayed orders.

Pool-Bestellungen von Ersatzteilen

Cheaper Purchase Prices through Anonymized Pool Orders

Ordering small quantities from suppliers is often complicated and expensive. It is easier and cheaper if you can combine orders. PartsCloud automatically searches for parts that are due for replacement in the near future and can offer low-priced, anonymous pool orders.

Ersatzteile digital managen mit der Software Plattform von PartsCloud, für die Maschinenbau und Anlagenbau OEMs

Higher Availability through Anonymous Pool Stocking

By pooling selected slow-moving parts, PartsCloud can leverage massive efficiencies in the spare parts business. This not only enables virtual safety stock and more efficient purchasing, but also opens up attractive alternatives to scrapping. All these processes are completely anonymous, with PartsCloud as an independent clearing house.