You sell, and we'll take care of the rest. Manage your e-fulfillment with just a few clicks and get access to a scalable logistics network.

Supply Chain Management für Ersatzteile, Transportlogistik, Lagerverwaltung und Bestandsoptimierung

Storage and Packaging

> Professional storage
> Live Inventory
> Spare Parts Kitting & Set Building


> Flexible Shipping Partners
> Multiple Shipping Options
> Express Shipping


> Quality Control
> Restocking
> Returns Overview


European Fulfillment Center, international kostengünstig Ersatzteile versenden

Fulfillment Center in Europe

Our logistics partners are located in the heart of Europe with a strategically attractive location for worldwide parcel shipping.

Wareneingang, Lagerverwaltung, Bestandskontrolle, Ersatzteile Logistik und Produktionslogistik

Professional Storage on Pallets and Shelf Spaces

Our logistics centers are equipped with modern racking systems and pallet spaces and offer thousands of square meters of storage space.

When goods are received at the fulfillment center, we can provide various goods receiving services such as quality control, labeling or inbound packaging upon request. Of course, our logistics locations have direct truck connections, enabling efficient delivery and storage of your suppliers' goods.

Inventar Live Tracking mit der PartsCloud Software Plattform für die Ersatzteillogistik, damit die Supply Chain Performance des industriellen Mittelstand gestärkt wird

Maximal Transparency: Live Stock Level Tracking

In your PartsCloud Dashboard, you can check the stock levels of your spare parts around the clock and in real time. In this way, you easily maintain an overview of their reorder and minimum stocks, so that your customers are never faced with "empty shelves".


Pick and Pack Strategy Warehouse Management Software.jpg

Flexible Pick & Pack Strategy

The specially developed warehouse management software facilitates the handling of high order volumes with minimal error rates. Thanks to the scalable and standardized processes, both small and large PartsCloud customers can benefit from professional and fast order picking.

Various picking methods are used in the logistics centers. Depending on requirements, single-order or multi-order picking is used. This enables even the dispatch processing of large batch orders to be completed within a short time.

Same-Day Fulfillment Ersatzteil-Bestellungen noch am gleichen Tag abwickeln und verschicken

Same-Day Fulfillment

Your customers' expectations are high - we're here to meet them. PartsCloud offers same-day shipping or even overnight trunk delivery, so your parts are always at the customer's door when they need them.

Spare Parts Branding in After-Sales.jpg

We help you Build a Strong Spare Parts Brand

A strong After-Sales brand ensures that customers will continue to order their parts from you. Packaging is an important factor in this success. With us, you can therefore book different options on request. Thanks to our modern equipment in the logistics centers, warehouse staff can see which measures are required for each order.

Track Spare Parts Deliver Live.jpg

Maximal Transparency: Follow the Ordering Process Live

In your dashboard, you can follow the status of orders live, from picking the goods from the shelf to creating the shipping label.


Welweit Ersatzeile verschicken ohne CAPEX Investitionen

Easy Worldwide Shipping

PartsCloud ensures seamless shipping around the globe. You do not have to worry about customs forms. These are automatically generated by us and the mandatory documents (e.g. proforma invoice) are added to the shipment.

Once the required data has been stored in our system, you can handle the worldwide shipment of your orders without any additional effort, as we take care of all formalities completely. PartsCloud and its partners have already shipped to over 120 countries.

Kundenzufriedenheit im After-Sales Geschäft erhöhen dank professioneller Ersatzteillogistik

Offer Your Customers Different Delivery Options

By working with different shipping service providers, we can offer a variety of delivery options: From economy shipping, to standard shipping, to worldwide express shipping. Depending on whether the shipment is time-sensitive or not, you can choose a shipping option that meets your customers' needs and allows for maximum flexibility.

Lieferketten Resilienz schaffen

Resilient Supply Chain Management

Flexibility in choosing shipping partners means less risk for you in shipping packages. Especially during seasonal peaks, logistics service providers reach their limits. With PartsCloud, you can easily switch to other shipping service providers, ensuring timely shipment of orders at all times.

Automatische Sendungsverfolgung von Ersatzteilen, damit die OEMs jederzeit über den Status der Kundenbestellungen Bescheid wissen

Automatic Shipment Tracking

Our technology also provides maximum transparency for you and your customers for shipments. When the shipments are sent, all data is automatically uploaded to the platform, thus enabling automatic tracking of the shipment. This way, both you and your customers can easily check where the shipment is at any given moment.

Returns Management

Die Qualität der Ersatzteile wird kontrolliert und im Logistikzentrum eingelagert

Quality Control and Restocking

Depending on your product, we collect your returns and carry out various quality controls on request. Afterwards, the products are stored again in the logistics center and the stock is updated accordingly.

PartsCloud Dashboard Lagertransparenz für die Ersatzteillogistik

Keep the Overview

In your PartsCloud dashboard, you can view all returns to see from which customers returns have arrived, identify their condition, and check whether they were caused by the customer or the shipping service provider.

Additional Services for our Customers

After-Sales Kundenservice verbessern

Satisfaction for Customers and their Customers

If something goes wrong with the delivery of your orders, our customer support team will fix the problem. We handle damage claims or package clarifications for you and are in direct contact with our shipping partners.

After-Sales Geschäft professionalisieren mit digitaler Kontrolle der Bestellungen und Betreuung eines persönlichen Account Manager

Personal Account Manager

Depending on your shipping volume, we will provide you with a personal account manager who will take care of your concerns.