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Spare parts fulfillment. Rethought.

Our teams from warehouse, operations, customs and shipping experts are always available to assist you in ensuring that your customers receive their spare parts. On time. And in perfect condition.


PartsCloud in 90 Seconds

Key Results

UP TO 79 %

UP TO 79 %

less internal process costs through workflow automation

UP TO 32 %

UP TO 32 %

less logistics costs through highly-effective multi-user warehouse partners



no investments in warehousing infrastructure needed

UP TO 75 %

UP TO 75 %

faster outsourcing through standardized IT interfaces and a unified implementation process

Eine Plattform für Sie und Ihr Team

One Platform for You and Your Team

From direct communication and digital collaboration to deep insights into your warehouse and digital process control, the PartsCloud platform combines everything in one place.

So funktioniert’s

How it works

We connect you to high-quality logistics partners via our platform. They receive, store, ship for you - and process your returns. You control your digital spare parts logistics with a click.

Our Experts are Here for You

Our teams from warehouse, operations, customs and shipping experts are always available to assist you in ensuring that your customers receive their spare parts. On time. And in perfect condition.


Make More Time for Your Core Business

"Focus on your core business again - and let PartsCloud manage the complete order-to-cash process for your spare parts. From purchasing and warehousing to fulfillment and returns management.

Operating a global spare parts network is a massive task, especially for small and medium-sized industrial companies. In order to even come close to reaching benchmark level, high investments are necessary. PartsCloud helps SMEs to provide their customers with up-to-date spare parts supply without sinking vast sums into costly IT connections and their own warehouse infrastructure."

Benjamin Reichenecker
Founder and CEO, PartsCloud GmbH

Do you want to save up to 32% of your spare parts logistics costs and up to 79% of your process costs?

Let's talk about your specific challenges today. Within 30 minutes, we can find out together if PartsCloud can help you.

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Does PartsCloud own and operate its own logistics centers?

As a Logistics-as-a-Service service provider, PartsCloud takes over the spare parts logistics of medium-sized machine and plant manufacturers and handles this operationally via a strictly selected international partner network. Our outsourcing approach gives us the maximum flexibility in terms of personnel and warehouse capacity and expands our choice of partners. We put great emphasis on the optimal use of our resources and work closely with experienced partners to provide our customers with a first-class service and to react flexibly to market changes.

Where are my spare parts stored?

PartsCloud operates warehouse locations in Germany and North America and plans to expand the network worldwide. Our priority is cost-efficient warehousing and fast delivery of spare parts. We aim to provide reliable storage and supply to our customers' customers worldwide. To meet this goal, our established network is continuously expanding.

Why work with PartsCloud instead of a classic 3PL?

PartsCloud enables an internationally flexible selection of 3PL providers in different regions and for different processes. By bundling our customers' volumes and resulting economies of scale, we offer competitive pricing and reduced costs. With risk-free pilots and a plug-and-play infrastructure, our customers save time on cyclical implementation, while our existing warehouses ensure a smooth transition. By optimizing all processes in spare parts management, PartsCloud can provide a best-in-class service.

What is a 4PL service provider?

A 4PL assumes an overarching, coordinating function and manages all service providers. PartsCloud is a 4PL service provider specializing in B2B spare parts shipping that takes over the entire logistics management of its industrial customers as a strategic partner. As a central point of contact, PartsCloud coordinates the services of various 3PLs and other providers. In addition to transportation and warehousing, PartsCloud, with extensive expertise in B2B spare parts management, offers a wide range of logistics services, including inventory management and supply chain optimization.

How to implement my spare parts logistics with PartsCloud?

Thanks to our established network of warehouse locations, processes and the cyclical implementation capability of PartsCloud, the first spare parts can be shipped after 2-3 weeks. In order to be able to map this, a limited range of spare parts is stored in a suitable PartsCloud warehouse and successively expanded after successful piloting (approx. 6-8 weeks).

Who are the customers of PartsCloud?

PartsCloud works closely with machine manufacturers and OEMs who ship spare parts to customers and service teams worldwide. In doing so, we usually remain invisible to the end users of the spare parts, such as maintenance or service technicians, as deliveries continue to be made with the OEM's delivery bill. Our focus is on warehousing and fulfillment of spare parts orders, and we also offer our customers added value through our platform and customized value-added services.

How does PartsCloud ensure a smooth collaboration in the supply chain?

Our ticketing feature ensures seamless communication between our customers, PartsCloud and the logistics, transport and customs service providers involved. In our digital cloud platform, inventory data, order status and delivery times can be tracked transparently and live at any time. This means that process changes and changing requirements can be flexibly taken into account. We continuously improve the supply chain through our Plan-Do-Check-Act process. Our processes are designed to be as lean as possible so that we can ensure cost-efficient processing for our customers.

How are urgent delivery requests handled?

Urgent orders are recorded in the regular process and picked and delivered with prioritized handling. For requests outside the regular process we use our ticketing feature. Here the customer can open a ticket to handle unscheduled urgent orders, which are then processed further by PartsCloud. This way we create transparency about requests as digitally as possible and avoid e-mail floods.