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Revolutionizing International Spare Parts Logistics with PartsCloud

Imagine a world where spare parts logistics is no longer just a necessary duty, but a dynamic strength that connects you as a machinery manufacturer with your customers across borders, revolutionizing their customer experience and becoming a key revenue driver.


At the forefront of this revolution, PartsCloud is changing how manufacturing companies implement their international spare parts logistics processes.


Redefining Spare Parts Logistics through Professionalization

Is your company facing the challenge of efficiently responding to global demand while simultaneously reducing costs and improving service? With PartsCloud, this challenge becomes an opportunity:

Fast Onboarding Process
  • Integrate your ERP in no time

  • Deliver your spare parts reliably

  • Elevate your spare parts business to benchmark levels with PartsCloud within a few weeks
International Fulfillment Network
  • Leverage our scalable fulfillment services and

  • supply international markets with your spare parts

  • within 24 hours across Europe and overnight, and globally within 24-48 hours including complete export/import customs clearance.
Digital, Automated Processes
  • End manual, paper-based processes across multiple departments!

  • Eliminate all error sources and manual processing steps in your spare parts fulfillment process at once with our innovative fulfillment platform.
Transparent Pricing
  • Optimize your fulfillment costs by up to 32% with our transaction-based "Pay-per-Use" billing model.

  • Maintain complete control and oversight of your global fulfillment costs with our digital invoices.

Centralize the Management of Your Spare Parts Business

Have you been shipping in-house from various locations and now looking for a scalable solution that allows you to bundle your spare parts inventory, reduce redundant stocks and warehouse locations? With PartsCloud, you have a provider that integrates seamlessly into your systems and enables digitally controlled processes from a single source.

Ihre 3 wichtigsten Vorteile mit Parts Fulfillment

Extremely Adaptable Storage

Scale your stored inventory up or down in no time. With our flexible storage solution in modern multi-user warehouses, this is no longer a problem.

International Fulfillment Network

Use our scalable fulfillment services. Even without local country warehouses, optimal availability can be ensured with radically optimized inventory and standardized processes.

Standardize and Automate

Our fulfillment partners have decades of experience in spare parts logistics and handle on-site operations to the highest quality standards. PartsCloud sets the new gold standard for best-in-class fulfillment processes.

With PartsCloud, OEMs can earn up to 35% more profit from spare parts and future-proof their logistics performance.

Delivery truck
Faster Delivery

Spare Part Availability


Happy customer
Increased Customer Satisfaction

Complaint Rate


Optimized Inventory

Turnover Frequency


Lower Logistics Costs

Cost per Order


Sell More Spare Parts



Up to


Increased Profit Margin

Transform internal challenges not just into competitive advantages, but into strategic opportunities.


Let's discuss your specific challenges in Inventory Management today. Within 30 minutes, we can find out together if PartsCloud can also help you.

Call us at +49 (0)7127 5600 720, email us at, or directly book an initial consultation.

Benefit from our specialized knowledge now

"Establishing a worldwide spare parts network is a massive task, especially for small and medium-sized industrial companies. To even come close to benchmark levels, substantial investments are necessary.

PartsCloud helps SMEs provide their customers with contemporary spare parts support without sinking fortunes into complex IT integrations and their own warehouse infrastructure."

Benjamin Reichenecker
Founder and CEO, PartsCloud GmbH