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PartsOS Inventory

Unleash the full potential of your spare parts business with PartsOS Inventory.


Empower your parts planning with AI-powered software and PartsCloud Special Forces.


PartsOS Inventory Management Software®

Introducing PartsOS Inventory. Manage your inventory with our intuitive platform, effortlessly through automated planning, predictive analysis, and a comprehensive control panel tailored for machine manufacturers.

Why PartsOS Inventory?

Tackling the challenges of low parts availability, large parts ranges, poor inventory quality, and labor-intensive processes, PartsOS Inventory revolutionizes parts planning for machine manufacturers.

Experience seamless integration, enhanced decision-making, and reduced manual effort, ensuring the right parts are in stock when needed.

Key Features

  • Automated Planning: Set your parameters, and let PartsOS Inventory handle the rest, ensuring optimal stock levels with minimal manual intervention.
  • Predictive Inventory Analysis: Employ our advanced algorithms to forecast future inventory needs accurately. Anticipate future parts demand based on historical data, trends, and seasonal fluctuations to prevent stockouts and overstocking.
  • Control Panel for Tailored Adjustments: Gain full control over your inventory parameters with our intuitive Inventory Control Panel. Easily adjust safety stock levels, set reordering points, and customize ABC/XYZ classifications to match your unique business needs.
  • Monitoring and Alerts: Stay informed with our real-time monitoring. Receive instant notifications for stock level changes, potential shortages, and replenishment proposals, enabling swift corrective actions.
  • Comprehensive Reporting: Make data-based decisions with our extensive reporting tools. From inventory turnover to working capital, get detailed insights into your inventory performance and KPIs, all readily accessible for strategic planning.
  • Purchase order proposals: Empower your purchasing department to source spare parts in the right quantities at the right time, only from the most reliable suppliers, to boost supply chain resilience.

PartsOS Inventory Users experience:

  • Increased Revenue and Margin: Unlock growth potential with improved parts availability.
  • Faster Inventory Turnover: Optimize inventory quality for swift parts movement.
  • Informed Decisions: Leverage real-time data for strategic planning.
  • Efficiency Boost: Minimize manual tasks with smart automation.
  • Seamless Integration: Connect your ERP System effortlessly with PartsOS, eliminating manual data handling.
Inventory Management Software

Planning-as-a-Service Add-On

Enhance your planning capabilities with our Planning-as-a-Service add-on. Gain immediate access to our ‘Special Forces’ team, ready to manage your inventory planning tasks, ensuring immediate, effective results without the hassle of hiring and onboarding in-house resources.

Combine with Global Fulfilment by PartsCloud

Further elevate your Inventory Planning by using our Global Fulfillment solution that automatically feeds real-time supply chain data into your planning process!

Optimize your inventory today

Let's talk about your specific challenges today. Within 30 minutes, we can find out together if PartsCloud can help you.

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The prices for PartsOS Inventory at a glance.

Annual (10 % discount)
PartsOS Inventory (self-serve) | Price in EUR from


  • Automated planning

  • ERP connection
  • Control Panel

  • Standard Reporting
PartsOS Inventory + Planning-as-a-Service Bundle | Price in EUR from


  • Automated planning

  • ERP connection

  • Control panel

  • PartsCloud Special
    Forces Team

  • Capacities that can
    be flexibly expanded

  • Customized 

PartsCloud Development Partner Program* | get up to

70 % dis-count70 % dis-count

  • Participation in
    product board meetings

  • Exchange of
    experiences with leading 
    mechanical engineers

  • Actively help
    shape software

  • Exclusive access to 
    PartsCloud Developer Team

*Do you qualify for the PartsCloud Development Partner Program?

You’re a machine manufacturer with at least one of the following, spare parts related planning challenges:

  • Bottleneck in spare parts planning resources
  • Excessive stock and/or frequent stockouts
  • High manual effort to plan spare parts inventories (SAP and/or Excel-based)
  • Unable to perform multi-location planning
  • As the spare parts manager, you want to actively shape the future software solution for your parts planning success.

Benefit from our specialist knowledge now

"Most machine manufacturers have the problem in spare parts logistics that no live data is available for planning. This results in poor stock quality and sometimes the wrong parts are simply in stock. Extremely high working capital losses are the result.

With PartsOS Inventory, our customers can accurately predict their future stock requirements. They utilise real-time data for strategic planning. Capital-intensive stock shortages and overstocking are thus avoided from the outset."

Benjamin Reichenecker
Founder and CEO, PartsCloud GmbH


Can PartsOS Inventory be integrated into my existing ERP and SCM systems?

Yes, PartsOS Inventory is designed to integrate seamlessly with various ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) and SCM (Supply Chain Management) systems, ensuring a smooth flow of data and minimal disruption to your existing operations.

Is PartsOS Inventory suitable for companies of all sizes?

In any case! PartsOS Inventory is scalable and can be adapted to the needs of small, medium-sized and large companies alike.

What kind of support does PartsCloud offer for PartsOS Inventory users?

We offer comprehensive support, including onboarding, training and ongoing technical assistance. Our dedicated support team is on hand to ensure your experience with PartsOS Inventory is smooth and profitable.

Can I get a demo of PartsOS Inventory before I make a decision?

Yes, we offer free demos of PartsOS Inventory. You can schedule a personal live demo to see how our software can benefit your business specifically.