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PartsOS Customs

Cross borders, not budgets.

As a full-service provider, we support you with a wide range of customs services:

  • Import and export handling
  • Transit and shipping procedures
  • Tariff classification
PartsCloud Customs Services

Why choose PartsOS Customs?

As a specialist in industrial spare parts logistics, we know exactly where the shoe pinches when it comes to customs clearance. Complex customs regulations, internal resource restrictions and constantly changing international regulations present companies with enormous challenges.

  • Reliability: Benefit from reliable handling of your customs processes. With our experienced broker partners, we guarantee you maximum security at a fair price.

  • Simplicity: Our service is designed to minimize your workload. Ready for immediate use, without IT integration costs and with just one contractual partner - customs processing can be that simple.

  • Internationality: Open up international markets with our full-service customs clearance. Our network of AEO-certified customs agents is available to you worldwide.

  • Legal certainty: With PartsOS Customs, you can ensure that approval requirements such as the Dual-Use Regulation are automatically taken into account and complied with for all your export orders. Keep customs and compliance risks reliably away from your company.

Your key to simple and secure customs clearance - this is what PartsOS Customs offers you

Our services at a glance:

  • Import and export processing: We ensure a smooth border crossing for your goods, regardless of direction.

  • Transit and shipping procedures: We handle all the necessary transit and shipping procedures for your shipments.

  • Tariff classification: Our experts will help you to classify your goods correctly, including determining the customs tariff numbers.

  • Customs warehouse: Take advantage of our customs warehouses to store your goods duty-free until they are destined for the market.

  • AEO certification: Benefit from the advantages of AEO certification, such as simplified customs procedures and security advantages.

  • Preparation of preferential documents: We support you in the preparation of preferential documents to secure customs benefits for your goods.

Combine with international fulfillment and other PartsCloud Services

Get everything from a single source: Optimize your entire spare parts logistics by using our international fulfillment solution and our innovative PartsOS Inventory | management software.

Discover now how PartsOS Customs can simplify your customs clearance.

Let's talk about your specific customs processing challenges today. Within 30 minutes, we'll find out together whether PartsCloud can help you too.

Call us on +49 (0)7127 5600 720, write to or book an initial consultation directly:

Your benefits with PartsOS Customs summarized:

  • Full transparency: Maintain an overview of your customs processes with our transparent service.

  • Less effort: We take the complexity out of customs processing so that you can concentrate on your core business.

  • Easy entry into international markets: With our support, you can easily overcome customs barriers and open up new sales markets.

  • Worry-free compliance: We take care of compliance with laws and guidelines.
Customs Services von PartsCloud

Benefit now from our specialist knowledge

"With ever-changing international trade agreements and customs regulations, it can be difficult for SMEs to keep up to date. Ignorance of current changes can lead to unexpected costs and barriers to trade.

Our decades of experience have gone into the development of PartsOS Customs. Let's cross your borders together."

Benjamin Reichenecker
Founder and CEO, PartsCloud GmbH


Who is PartsOS Customs suitable for?

Our services are aimed at companies of all sizes that are involved in international trade and require efficient, transparent and secure customs clearance.

PartsOS Customs is particularly beneficial for SMEs that want to optimize their resources and minimize compliance risks.

How can I use PartsOS Customs?

You can get started with PartsOS Customs easily and without IT integration costs. Contact us via our website or by e-mail to receive a customized quote. A contractual partner will take care of all your customs matters.

What distinguishes PartsOS Customs from other providers?

Our services offer a combination of reliability, ease of use and international reach.

With experienced broker partners, AEO-certified customs brokers and a focus on full transparency and low overhead, we offer a unique solution tailored specifically to the needs of companies with spare parts logistics.

How does PartsOS Customs improve the efficiency of my customs clearance?

By optimizing customs processes, correctly classifying your goods and using customs warehouses, you can save time and money with PartsOS Customs.

Our efficient structures and processes minimize redundancies and speed up processing, while reducing the risk of delays and (customs) penalties.

How can I track the status of my customs clearance?

PartsOS Customs offers full transparency of your customs processes. With our system, you always have an insight into the status of your customs processes, can view documents and react if necessary.