Logistics-as-a-Service for Flexible Warehouse Logistics and Fulfillment of Spare Parts.

We handle your spare parts logistics via professional logistics service providers, giving you full control via our cloud platform. Standardized interfaces make efficient global logistics just a click away.

Digitale Plattform Software Lösung für die Ersatzteil Logistik von Maschinenbau und Anlagenbau OEMs für die optimierte Supply Chain Transparenz
Digital Logistik verwalten mit Software, digitale Beschaffungslogistik, Ersatzteillogistik, Lagermanagement und Retouren Abwicklung

The Cloud Platform for Modern Engineering and World-Class 3PLs

All data flows for inventory and logistics processes between distribution channels and warehouse locations are in one central source: Our Logistics-as-a-Service platform.
We connect you with suitable logistics in every target market. With PartsCloud, you set up logistics centers per click to provide spare parts to your customer in record time.

We Connect, Optimize & Scale.

How it Works:
High availability, late cut-off times, overnight delivery, or direct deliveries to the service technician's vehicle play an important role in delivering spare parts orders on time and keeping customers happy. But how can this promise be kept for every order? Easy, you need access to the right fulfillment and smart technology. Our Logistics-as-a-Service platform offers manufacturing companies both in one solution.

Step 1: Connect

Send us your fulfillment request. We connect your sales channels, e.g. your spare parts webshop or parts catalog, ticket system or CRM system, with our partners so that you can start directly with automated distribution logistics.

Step 2: Optimize

Use our cloud-based dashboard and logistics tools to manage and improve all processes for orders, inventory, and demand planning.

Step 3: Scale

Add new warehouses, products or order sources with a single click. Expand your distribution logistics within a linked network around the world.

Plattform für die Lagerlogistik und Fulfillment

Connect to our Logistics-as-a-Service Platform

Get access to flexible warehouse logistics and smart fulfillment. Reduce your fulfillment costs with the right partners on your side. Save time on daily operational tasks by digitizing all data exchange between your order sources and your chosen 3PLs from our network. Our Logistics-as-a-Service technology makes it possible.

Digital After-Sales Logistik verwalten und steuern

Optimize Warehouse Logistics and Fulfillment Processes

Facilitate your daily logistics management with a central interface to manage your entire supply chain. Benefit from full data transparency for all order sources, warehouse locations and operational processes. Optimize fulfillment activities with our logistics tools without losing track of incoming orders. An upgrade for more efficient distribution logistics.

Internationale, digitale Distributionslogistik für Ersatzteile von Maschinenbau und Anlagenbauern

Expand into New Markets with Perfect Service

Supply global markets, simplify your customs and export processing, or simply scale your logistics network whenever demand increases. Our Logistics-as-a-Service platform enables global coverage, no matter what system, product or market awaits you. All you need is one integration, one technology and access to our logistics network.

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Your Benefits

Worldwide Shipping

With us you ship worldwide. We work directly in your ATLAS systems, have short ways to customs and could solve every customs problem so far. Swiss and UK customers can easily ship to their EU customers with PartsCloud.

Attractive Shipping Methods

We bundle shipments with our CEP service providers and digital freight forwarders, enabling us not only to work with attractive prices, but also to offer a wide variety of shipping methods as standard - from global air freight to European-wide trunk delivery.

Individual Packaging

Not only do we pack your goods in a way that is suitable for transport, but we can also take care of the branding if you wish. This way you can ensure that customers will order from you the next time.

Integrated Returns Management

Optimized returns process, quality control and restocking of returns - completely virtually controlled.

Seamless Connection

With the PartsCloud API, you can smoothly integrate your existing ERP and enterprise resource planning systems. Thanks to the JSON REST gateway, processes are automated and tailored to your requirements.

Immediate Processing

Your customers' expectations are high - we're here to meet them. PartsCloud offers Same Day Shipping for orders received by 6:00pm*, so domestic shipments are delivered within 1-2 days.

*Extra charges for extended cut-off times may apply.

Why we should talk?

In an initial meeting by phone or online appointment, we'll get to the bottom of your spare parts logistics challenges together. This way we can determine how we can help you to make your spare parts processing easier, faster and more pleasant for your customers.