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How PartsCloud Elevated TIER Mobility’s Spare Parts Logistics to the Next Level

As a leading provider of shared micro-mobility solutions, TIER Mobility faced a challenge.

Despite their business success, they struggled with the distribution of spare parts, as it was not their core competency.

The Challenge

Until now, they had outsourced the storage and distribution of spare parts for the maintenance of their fleet to local third-party providers.

However, as TIER Mobility grew with the implementation of a new model and its associated spare parts, the current service provider could not keep pace.

To meet their requirements, TIER Mobility needed to quickly create more storage capacity without disrupting their day-to-day operations.

The Solution

In close collaboration with TIER Mobility, we developed a tailor-made solution by transforming the outsourcing into a 4PL model. Through a step-by-step implementation, we were able to quickly expand TIER Mobility's storage capacity to meet their needs. In the first phase of our collaboration, we not only increased storage and staffing capacities but also digitized operational processes and enhanced transparency.

This enabled TIER Mobility to gain better control over spare parts logistics and make the handling more efficient. Once the operation of the scooter spare parts logistics was running smoothly, we decided, together with TIER Mobility, to handle all spare parts not only in the EMEA region but also in the USA via our 4PL service.

As a result, TIER Mobility benefits from a centralized and effective logistics solution on an international level.

The Outcome

Thanks to our partnership, TIER has been able to focus on providing top-notch micromobility services, while we took care of the smooth and efficient distribution of spare parts.

Together, we have created a solution that supports TIER in continuing their growth and further increasing customer satisfaction. Through our 4PL service, we were able to not only expand TIER Mobility's storage capacity but also digitize operational processes and enhance transparency.

Moreover, we provided an efficient logistics solution on an international level, assisting TIER Mobility in offering premium micromobility services.

Success story results

Storage capacity expanded
Spare parts processes digitalised
International business expands

About TIER Mobility

TIER Mobility is Europe's largest provider of shared micro-mobility solutions with a mission to change mobility for the better. Founded in Berlin, the company provides cities and their residents with e-scooters and pedelecs for hire in order to reduce dependence on private cars. Following the acquisition of nextbike, TIER is now active in more than 700 cities in 29 countries with a fleet of over 315,000 vehicles. This makes TIER the largest multimodal micromobility provider in the world.

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