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Partnership for smooth operation of the scooter fleet: Voi chooses specialised partner PartsCloud

The esteemed micromobility provider Voi faced the challenge of operating a spare parts supply chain for the smooth running of its globally distributed scooter fleet.

The partnership with the specialised partner PartsCloud enables Voi to ensure efficient and reliable provision of spare parts.

Voi Success Story

The Challenge

As storage and distribution of spare parts were never core competencies of Voi, the task of parts supply and distribution for fleet maintenance was long entrusted to a traditional 3PL partner.

However, Voi realized that the requirements and the offerings of the current 3PL partner were no longer optimally aligned. Voi was in search of a new partner, specialized in the spare parts business, and capable of providing a tailor-made solution for their needs.

The Solution

Voi has opted for outsourcing into a 4PL model with PartsCloud, to swiftly transition their inventory and ensure a seamless switch without disrupting day-to-day operations. In the initial phase of collaboration with PartsCloud, operational processes were digitized and transparency was enhanced.

This enabled better control over spare parts logistics and improved efficiency. Gradually, parts from Voi’s previous 3PL partner are being transferred to PartsCloud, facilitating smooth handling for both regular spare parts and hazardous materials like batteries.

The Outcome

Thanks to the partnership with PartsCloud, Voi has been able to focus on their core competencies and offer top-notch micromobility services to their customers, while relying on the knowledge that the distribution of their spare parts is in the best of hands.

Working with PartsCloud enabled Voi to smoothly transition to a new partner who understands their specific requirements and supports them in achieving their growth objectives. Voi is confident that the partnership with PartsCloud will enhance their efficiency and further increase customer satisfaction.

Success Story Results

Logistics processes sustainably optimised
Digitalised spare parts processing
International business expands

About Voi

Voi, the Swedish micromobility startup, is one of the fastest growing mobility companies in the world. With its innovative hardware and software solutions, Voi is shaping the future of sustainable transport and urban development.

Their electric scooters enable environmentally friendly last-mile mobility and help to reduce the carbon footprint and create more sustainable transport systems in urban centres.

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Transforming Logistics

The PartsCloud & Voi Success Story in Spareparts Supply Chain

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